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Plot Summary Edit

Highgard is an experimental text based adventure game set in the medieval times of knights, chivalry, and diplomatic drama. Highgard is one of the mightiest Kingdoms in all of the land of Soclya, or so it seems. You play as Sir Garethe, military general of the old kingdom of Roagard. Under oath to protect the people from evil you are duty bound to unravel the mysteries about Highgard ruled by the evil King Nemu whose rule is known through only fear and corruption. Using only your wits and a little bit of political espionage you will uncover the horrible truth behind King Nemu and Highgard.

Walkthrough Edit

  • Game starts you as you walk across the executioners platform accused of attacking the royal guard
  • Talk to Queen Regent Metilda
  • Win over King Nemu to let you stay in the Kingdom
  • Seek out help and informants to learn everything you can about King Nemu
  • Find evidence of His Highness's corruption and greed
  • Insinuate a threat to the King discreetly
  • Gain the trust of King Nemu's council members
  • Gather as many followers of the old king as you can
  • Incite a riot outside the palace doors
  • Infiltrate the palace
  • Talk to King Nemu

What Make's It Unique? Edit

  • Explore a vast and unique medieval city
  • Your wit and logic are what defines your outcome
  • Death at every corner, one slip up could mean your demise
  • The more friends you make the easier it will be to achieve your goals
  • Incite the biggest change the land of Soclya has ever seen in this exciting adventure

Concept Art Edit

Medieval fair the good knight by caiomm-d6uya9f

Sir Garethe concept art


Early King Nemu Concept Art


King Nemu Concept Art


Queen Regent Metilda Concept Art

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